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Oil CV Examples

How to create an Oil CV The Oil CV should reflect the knowledge of the applicant about the oil sector and the services of it. The person applying for it should have adequate knowledge about the oil sector like drilling, management, controlling the operations and transportation services of oil. The applicant should clearly mention the […]

Mining and Geological Engineer CV Example

Mining and Geological Engineers are responsible for determining the location and plan the extraction of coal, metallic ores, non-metallic minerals and other deposits in the land.  They do initial evaluation of the area and identify the available deposits in it as well as the hazards faced when extracting these.  Mining Geological Engineers develop the best […]

Nuclear Equipment Technician CV Example

Nuclear Equipment Technicians are responsible for the maintenance and repair of nuclear power plant equipment, devices and machines.  They are highly skilled in the details and operations of these items and take great caution to preserve the safety inside and outside the plant.  As Nuclear Equipment Technicians, they possess experience in troubleshooting problems that may […]

Nuclear Power Plant Engineer CV Example

Nuclear Power Plant Engineers design, develop and operate nuclear power plants and ensure that all operations and activities adhere to the laws and regulations regarding its operations.  They are responsible for ensuring that the production of nuclear power is safe and does not harm the employees of the plant.  Nuclear Power Plant Engineers have an […]

Oil Reservoir Engineer CV Example

Oil Reservoir Engineers are in charge of ensuring that the oil company’s reserve for oil is safe, efficiently manageable, easy to use and handle and sufficient for the company’s needs.  They identify possible locations where oil deposits are available and create plans to secure it for future use.  Oil Reservoir Engineers create plans for the […]

Geophysicist CV Example

Geophysicists are involved in research and experimentations with regards to natural physical phenomena and create new theories or hypotheses from the observations.  They create methods and devices to make projects and goals easier to achieve.  Geophysicists ensure that the area for projects is safe and that all activities will be implemented efficiently.  They provide advice […]

Oil Refinery Foreman CV Example

Oil Refinery Foremen are primarily the supervisors and leaders of a group of workers in an oil refinery.  They are equipped with the knowledge in all the activities and operations of the oil refinery so that they are capable of directing workers on their jobs.  Oil Refinery Foremen must have the ability to coordinate all […]

Oil Refinery Manager CV Example

Visual artists are individuals that may or may not have formal educational background but have talent in producing artworks through media experienced by sight.  Through their specific media, they can communicate ideas and reflect nature and society.  Visual artists may specialize in varying fields such as painting, architecture, sculpture, and photography.  Because of their numerous […]

Solar Engineer CV Example

Solar Engineers are highly skilled in the planning and implementation of projects that are focused on the utilization of the solar energy.  They are involved in performing tests and do experimental work such as substrate cleaning, coating, printing, thermal evaporation, device encapsulation and device setting.  Solar Engineers are also required to be responsible for supervising […]

Petroleum Engineer CV Example

Petroleum Engineers are responsible for designing and supervising the activities involve in extracting oil and natural gas from the ground.  They make sure that the process is safe and efficient as well as cost-effective for the company.  Petroleum Engineers possess the ability to solve problems and map out the steps required to accomplish their tasks.  […]