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Office CV Examples

Office CVs are documents which are extremely important. They are presented by candidates aiming to secure a job in an office. Some important points one needs to keep in mind while designing office CVs are as follows: Office CVs must be to the point and simple. They basically highlight the skills of the candidate who […]

Job Analyst CV Example

The work of a job analyst is to formalize the occupational specifics for each position in the company so that they can be slotted into corporate standards for recruitment screening and acceptance criteria, compensation standards, performance metrics and job progression career paths as may be defined for each position.  The formal job description will also […]

Risk Management Manger CV Example

Managing risk is an essential part of any business especially if the business complexity has wide exposure to potential problems and threats like airlines, hotels and shipping, to mention some.  The risk management function, often headed by a manager of director, focuses on identifying, prioritizing and evaluating their respective cost to the business in the […]

Virtual Assistant CV Example

Virtual assistance provide a new way for companies to save on hiring labor components by outsourcing most of its administrative and operational support work that can be done by independent freelance workers at home using advance communication tools over the internet. Virtual Assistant CV Example Pauline G. Fitch Blumensstr, Munich, Germany Phone: 0832-5677-8732 Objective […]

Budget Analyst CV Example

In any company, preparing the annual operating and capital expense budget is done in all the functional departments and the budget analyst works each at the departmental levels and consolidated on the corporate level. Each of them coordinates with the accounting department on actual expenses versus budget to forecast next-year’s budget.  They prepare the budget, […]

Payroll Manager CV Example

The position calls for management skill to marshal the resources to put together an accurate payroll of a company’s various departments with various pay scales and compensation schemes.  The payroll manager has a team of accountants assigned to handle different payroll groups or departments and it is his responsibility to make sure they all processes […]

Office/Building Administrator CV Example

When you have a building that is occupied by paying corporate tenants, a building administrator is an indispensable position in ensuring that all the building amenities for cabling, telephone, utilities, heating and air condition are all functioning in top condition. He or his assistant is the point man with whom tenants call for assistance if […]

Administrative Assistant CV Example

The administrative assistant is often associated with functions administering to the requirements of people in the hierarchy directly under supervision by the executive with which the position is attached. It is often an entry level position assigned to a manager level and if experienced enough, can be assigned as executive administrative assistant to the President […]

Office Receptionist CV Example

A receptionist is appointed by an office to receive clients, guests and visitors, to resolve their queries and direct them to the specific required departments. The receptionist has to know about the various departments of the office and their specific duties. It is required son that they can direct the visitors and customers to the […]

Office Administrator CV Example

The office administrator supervises the overall working of the office including billing, record keeping, staff recruitment, employees work evaluation etc. He has to manage data and files. Apart from that, he has to supervise every work of the office right from the selection of staff to some of the managerial duties. Office Administrator CV Example […]