Category: Nursing CV’s

A Mental Health Nurse CV Example

A mental health nurse is responsible for dealing with patients who have behavioral problems and personality disorders. Their job is very challenging and requires a lot of patience. Mental health nurses are responsible for monitoring the patient’s behavior, maintain their personal hygiene and understanding and taking care of their needs. They are also required to […]

Psychiatric Nurse CV Example

A psychiatric nurse is required to provide care and support to patients who suffer from mental disabilities. This role is very challenging and requires a lot of patience, competence and courage. A psychiatric nurse is required to have a complete knowledge and understanding of medical procedures and capability to handle patients. This role is very […]

Research Nurse CV Example

A research nurse’s job is to prepare record and maintain important medical documents and data. They regularly carry out extensive medical & data research. They are responsible for coordinating and supervising the clinical studies and reviewing and upgrading the study material from time to time. They also need to maintain and record documents such as […]

Theatre Nurse CV Example

It is the duty of a theatre nurse to take care of almost all functions in an operating room and also assisting the surgeon with the medical equipments. They may also have to arrange all the medical equipments before the surgery begins in the operation room. It is necessary that the CV of an individual […]

Nurse Educator CV Example

A nurse educator is an individual who is responsible for teaching licensed as well as registered nurses so that they can practice as a nurse. They are also responsible for creating nurse educators, leaders as well as administrators in the field of nursing. It is necessary that an individual applying for this job possesses excellent […]

Nursing CV Examples

Any person who is interested in applying for a job in the field of nursing must draft or frame a perfect curriculum vitae or CV. A CV is a formally drafted document which consists of the details of the qualifications and skills of a person looking for a job. A CV must consist of points […]

Graduate Nurse CV Example

A graduate nurse is a skilled nurse who monitors various medical procedures, conducts recommended medical examinations and performs health checkups in order to diagnose health aspects of patients. With an effective CV a candidate can draw the attention of recruiters for ensuring his/ her selection as a graduate nurse in a leading hospital or medical […]

Pediatric Nurse CV Example

A pediatric nurse is a registered medical nurse who provides timely cure to children and adolescents by conducting required pediatric diagnosis, initiating instant treatments in emergency units and ensuring effective paediatric cure schedules as prescribed by the doctor. This pediatric Nurse CV example is drafted to guide the nursing candidates who are interested to apply for the job position of Paediatric […]

Clinical Nurse CV Example

A clinical Nurse is a professionally trained nurse who maintains healthcare standards, conducts nursing operations to diagnose illness & health of patients and enforces healthcare hospital policies & practices. The Clinical Nurse CV should be framed in such a manner so that it showcases the skill sets and experience of the candidate in an effective […]

Surgical Nurse CV Example

A surgical nurse is responsible for taking care of patients before and after the surgery as well as assisting the doctors during the surgery by passing the required surgical tools & equipments. A surgical nurse is specialized and trained in conducting pre- operative and post operative procedures. In order to apply for the job position, […]