Category: Medical CV’s

Microbiologist CV Example

A microbiologist is a person who studies organisms which cause infections and diseases and also help to fight against these infections.  These individuals can either work in the field of healthcare or in other fields where microorganisms may affect us. Some of these fields include pharmaceuticals, agriculture, environment etc. To apply for the position of […]

Medical Physicist CV Example

A medical physicist is an individual who applies his knowledge in the field of physics and his technical skills in bringing improvements in the field of medicine by preventing, diagnosing and treating various diseases. They are also responsible for developing testing and evaluating medical equipments as well as procedures in areas like nuclear medicine, laser […]

Medical Advisor CV Example

A medical advisor is an individual who provides answers to all queries related to medical matters. They may also have to solve queries related to regulatory and legal matter in a healthcare organization. It is necessary for an individual applying for the job position of a medical advisor to prepare a CV that has details […]

Medical Officer CV Example

A medical officer has to perform job functions like instructing, managing and supervising the medical staff in a medical institute or an organization delivering healthcare services. They may also have to guide the staff in providing necessary support in order to execute individual job functions responsibly. The CV of an individual applying for the job […]

Medical Intern CV Example

A medical intern is an individual working in a medical facility as an intern. An individual applying for this job position may not have any work experience and so it is necessary that he mentions in his CV the skills and medical knowledge possessed by him. A medical intern CV is a document that plays […]

Medical Receptionist CV Example

A medical receptionist is an individual who is responsible for greeting as well as registering patients in a medical facility. They also have to ensure that the information entered regarding the patient is accurate. It is necessary for a medical receptionist to possess a pleasant as well as helpful personality. The CV of an individual […]

Medical CV Examples

How to create a Medical CV The medical CV requires the applicant to have better knowledge of the field both in the practical and theoretical side. Practical knowledge though is more necessary in the field because this is a purely practical field.  The CV should be direct and precise mentioning the qualifications and experiences of […]

Oncology Nurse CV Example

Oncology Nurse should have deep knowledge of oncology and should posses a registered nurse title in the radiation or oncology studies. They should be able to administer radiation chemotherapies to patients under the supervision of seniors. They are the ones administering pre-treatment needs as well as recording the health history and progress of patients. The […]

Orthodontist CV Example

An Orthodontist examines, diagnoses, and treats malocclusions and oral cavity anomalies. Their main responsibilities lie in fitting dental appliances in the patients’ mouths in order to alter the position and relation of teeth and jaws. The orthodontist fits dental appliances in patient’s appliances in patients’ mouths in order to realign their teeth. They are in […]

Nuclear Medical Technologist CV Example

Nuclear medicine uses diagnostic testing that utilizes atoms that are unstable so that it’s possible to produce radiation to identify and treat various diseases. Nuclear medical technologists are responsible for administering radioactive medicines to patients during tests and monitoring the process to ensure that both they and their patients are not exposed to dangerous radiation […]