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Supply Chain Manager CV Example

A supply chain manager is a person working in a company who is responsible for planning and organizing the movements of materials and goods from the manufacturers to the consumers. These individuals perform really important duties and are thus crucial to various industries. A supply chain manager CV example is an example of a CV […]

Logistics Manager CV Example

A logistics manager is an individual who is responsible for procuring raw materials, keeping track of the stock of raw materials and distributing finished products. The CV of a logistics manager needs to be impressive in order to get a job in that particular position. The CV must reflect the organizing skills and work experience […]

Digital Marketing Manager CV Example

A digital marketing manager has to provide marketing services online and they are responsible for coming up with strategies in order to attract consumers to the company website, develop digital marketing campaigns and manage online branding of the products. In the resume of an individual applying for the position of a digital marketing manager he […]

Field Sales Manager CV Example

A field sales manager is an individual who is responsible for achieving the sales target of an organization and is also accountable for the profits achievement. They also have to ensure that the field sales team is running efficiently and also hire sales executives whenever required. The CV of an individual applying for the position […]

Fitness Manager CV Example

A fitness manager is an individual working in a fitness centre or a fitness club and manages the fitness routine of the clients of the fitness centre. They manage the administration as well as operations of the fitness club, maintain budgets and ensure that sales targets are met. It is necessary that an individual appearing […]

Shop Manager CV Example

A shop manager is an individual who is responsible for overseeing the day to day work proceedings of a shop. He has to manage all the activities of the shop like ensuring that the customers are attended properly, stock of inventory is maintained and also supervise the staff. The CV of an individual applying for […]

Manager CV Example

There are a large number of managerial positions that are available across the different business streams and the various fields.  Any person, who wishes to get the position of a manager at a certain business entity or in a certain field of work, needs to prepare a robust CV which presents his/ her character, education […]

Programmer Manager CV Example

A Programme Manager is required to handle a number of projects. He oversees the work done by various project managers and coordinates with them in order to complete the projects. Programme Manager CV Example must include the degree courses, certifications and training programs attended by the candidate as well as the projects handled by him/ […]

Production Manager CV Example

A Production Manager plans and controls the manufacturing processes. He/ She needs to coordinate with various departments within the organization, external suppliers and clients during the course of his/ her work. Production Manager CV Example should mention the courses pursued by the candidate as well as the projects handled. The CV must also highlight the […]

Audit Manager CV Example

An Audit Manager is involved in ensuring the quality of work done in various departments by conducting audits on a regular basis. It is essential to have a good amount of work experience in this field in order to get into this position. Audit Manager CV Example must include the details about his educational qualification […]