Category: Legal CV’S

Corporate Lawyer CV Example

A corporate lawyer is someone who is specialized in corporations’ law. A corporate lawyer is responsible for giving legal advices to their clients on matters like business laws, tax laws, licensing, accounting etc. Corporate lawyers are also required to prepare business contracts, managing employee relations, processing company patents. Corporate lawyers need to have in depth […]

Employment Lawyer CV Example

An employment lawyer is someone who is specialized in employment or labor law. An Employment lawyer needs to advice his clients on issues related to employment and labor laws and human resources practices. Employment lawyers also need to analyze and understand the situation of employees and handling employee relations issues. They should have good knowledge […]

Law Student CV Example

A law student is an individual who has recently completed his degree in law or pursuing his law degree. They usually are fresher and don’t have any work experience. As a law student is usually a fresher, their CV plays an integral part in getting selected for the job. An individual applying for a legal […]

Legal Advisor CV Example

A legal advisor is an individual who is responsible for guiding clients on various legal matters like drafting contracts, business transactions, forming alliances etc. They can work for a corporate firm, government organization or in a social field based on the area of specialization. The CV of a legal advisor plays an integral role in […]

Legal Executive CV Example

The CV of an individual applying for the position of a legal executive plays an important role in the candidate getting selected for the job. A legal executive usually has to perform duties like litigation, assisting scholars, preparing research materials for cases, giving legal advice, writing legal documents etc. The CV must highlight details that […]

Legal Service CV Examples

How to create a Legal Service CV The Legal Service CV is applicable for the people applying jobs in the legal sector. The legal field requires the applicant to have a thorough knowledge about the field, the way legal matters are handled etc. practical experiences as well as theoretical knowledge both are very important. Legal […]

Community Lawyer CV Example

Community Lawyers work either as a volunteer or under a government or non-government organization putting into priority the welfare and interest of the community.  They must have a broad knowledge on the laws and legal provisions of the state as executed in the community because each community are governed by specific laws dependent on the […]

Housing Lawyer CV Example

Housing Lawyers work extensively on cases involving people seeking for housing services from the government usually those who are on welfare.  They are highly knowledgeable of the laws governing the applications, grants and disbursements of the housing projects of the government, thus, they must ensure that the houses are given accordingly to those who are […]

Education Lawyer CV Example

Education Lawyers specialize highly on legal matters concerning the education sector in the society.  They work with work and labour issues in educational institutions as well as state funding, fund-allocation and tuition collection.  Education Lawyers are also responsible for ensuring that the offered courses in an educational institution abide by the governing rules, regulations and […]

Legal Marketing CV Example

Legal Marketing officers ensure that all marketing activities of the legal departments are beneficial and would invite potential clients to avail of the services of the office.  They support the marketing initiatives established and implemented by the marketing department.   They are needed to ensure effective marketing strategies and implementation of marketing plans based on the […]