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IT Business Analyst CV Example

An IT business analyst is an individual who is responsible for the technological development as well as direction of an organization. They are also referred to as computer analyst, systems analyst and have to design the information system of the business and also implement new technical system. It is necessary for an individual applying for […]

IT Support Analyst CV Example

Information technology is a field that provides support to all business operations and also helps in increasing the efficiency of the process of communication within the organization. An IT support analyst is an individual who is responsible for providing technical support to individuals who have no knowledge or experience in usage of computers. They also […]

IT Support Engineer CV Example

An IT support engineer is an individual who is responsible for providing support to project teams in implementing, supporting and configuring workstation operating systems, computers, software applications and computer peripheral devices. They have to provide onsite support and attend to the phone calls of the employees in case they are facing any technical issue. An […]

IT Executive CV Example

An IT executive is an individual who is responsible for directing the set up, implementing and administering all IT functions in an organization. They have to ensure that all technological products as well as services are delivered on a timely manner. An IT executive may work in an IT organization or in the IT department […]

IT Systems Administrator CV Example

An IT systems administrator is an individual who is responsible for overseeing the systems setup in an organization and ensuring that the systems as well as the software and applications are working properly. They have to set up new computers and troubleshoot any issue arising in any of the computers. It is necessary for an […]

IT CV Examples

IT CVs are important documents prepared for and submitted to IT companies by individuals seeking recruitment therein. The IT industry is fast gaining momentum now-a-days and hence the craze for a job in the particular sector is also increasing. Thus IT CVs need to be carefully prepared so as to impress the concerned authority so […]

Technical Author CV Example

Technical authors are also known as information designers, technical writers and technical communicators.Technical authors explain technical information in an easy to understand way. This involves interpreting technology or applications and then designing and writing documentation. The information may be presented in the form of user guides for software applications, reference manuals, training guides or online […]

Linux Support Technician CV Example

Linux Support Technicians are the ones responsible for assisting out clients or customers with the resolution of technical service problems. Their duties include: Technical guidance to customers in response to requests in their service received over the phone or through email, coordinating and championing resolutions of customer support issues that can’t be resolved by the […]

Programmer CV Example

A programmer is responsible for translating mathematical algorithms created by the system analysts and software engineers into finished program that is able to work in the computer. A programmer must be well knowledgeable in using computing languages like C++ or Java. This is to make a file or document that will serve as instructions for […]

Online Marketing Specialist CV Example

Online marketing specialists are responsible for online marketing related tasks. They are usually packed with marketing and sales related background. They must be efficient in speaking and understanding the international language English, must have exceptional writing skills, has the ability to edit documents, write proposals, and enjoy working in a team. Online Marketing Specialist CV […]