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HR CV Examples

A HR CV is required by candidates applying for a job at human resources department of any organization. A prestigious department to the core, it is one of the most important departments of any organization. The basic responsibilities of the HR are to pick the best talent on offer and to make them fit for […]

Training Coordinator CV Example

A training coordinator CV example refers to the CV of an individual who is applying for the position of a training coordinator or has been working at that position. Training coordinator is an individual who helps the employees of the respective advance their skills and knowledge so as to improve the performance of the organization. […]

Personnel Manager CV Example

A personnel manager CV example refers to the resume which is framed by an individual either employed at or aspiring to be employed at the position of a personnel manager. The personnel manager is an employee who manages the personnel of the respective organization and solves any related grievances or problems. Sample Personnel Manager CV […]

Facility Manager CV Example

Facility manager CV is the term used to refer to the resume that is framed by that segment of the working population which has either already been employed at the position of a facility manager or wishes to be employed as one. Facility refers to a well defined structural property i.e. generally a building. A […]

HR Recruiter CV Example

An HR recruiter is an employee who belongs to the Human resource department of a company and is hired to recruit other employees of the company based on their qualifications and suitability for the job. He/she makes recruitment strategies and plans and they develop new and creative recruiting ideas. An HR recruiter CV is curriculum […]

Business Partner CV Example

A business partner is a person who works as a partner in any type of business organisation. There can be various business partners in an organisation and the job roles of each partner are defined beforehand. A resume plays a very important role while applying for the position of a business partner. All the needed […]

HR Manager CV Example

An HR manager is an individual or employee of an HR department of a company who is responsible for handling all the administrative and managerial work of the department. He/she is responsible for overseeing the entire recruitment work, ensuring that employee relation policies are in place and distributing duties of the department to different employees. […]

HR Advisor CV Example

An HR advisor is that employee of a company who works in the Human resource department and plays the role of an advisory. An HR advisor works in close proximity with the client base and handles the entire recruitment process. He/she must look after the employee relations and is also required to advise line manager. […]

HR Officer CV Example

An HR officer is an important employee of a human resource department of a company whose job includes planning, directing and managing of the various Human resource day to day operations such as maintaining employee relations, hiring and recruiting and regulatory compliance. The resume which an aspiring HR officer prepares so as to apply for […]

HR Assistant CV Example

An HR assistant is that employee of the HR department of a company who is mainly responsible for handling the day to day duties of the department, recruiting logistics, assisting with employee relations activities, maintaining HR database and filing systems and maintaining employee files. An HR assistant CV is a resume of a person who […]