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Hospitality CV Examples

How to create a Hospitality CV A person applying for the field of hospitality should have good communication skills and well mannered personality. It is because the hospitality sector is about providing the hospitable service to the people. A Hospitability CV should include the experience of the applicant. Experience is important in this field. But […]

Assistant Restaurant Manager CV Example

As a restaurant assistant restaurant manager it is your responsibility to help the restaurant manager with the overall day to day operations of the restaurant. An assistant restaurant manager’s job responsibilities is to include supervision of restaurant staff, interviewing, training and hiring staff, communicating with guests and receiving feedback, increasing profits, ordering and purchasing supplies […]

Hotel and Restaurant Receptionist CV Example

All the activities and work of a Hotel and Restaurant receptionist revolve around welcoming and greeting customers. A receptionist’s job is to ensure that people and customers visiting the office are comfortable in getting their queries or questions answered. Skilled Receptionists are now in great demand considering that a lot of corporate entities are expanding […]

Bartender CV Example

Bartenders prepare standard mixed drinks that include wine and beer or any other alcoholic beverage. They also prepare mixed drinks according to what the customer specifically ask. A bartender must know a dozens of drink recipes to provide the customer the satisfaction that they need. They are trained to prepare drinks as fast and as […]

Batista CV Example

A Batista is someone who prepares coffee professionally, usually in a coffee shop or espresso bars. They are trained to make coffee and how coffee should be made. Batista’s are expected to have a wide skill and knowledge about good customer service, the ability to work in teams, management skills and brand standards protection. Batista CV Example Carrie B. Smith […]

Food Technologist CV Example

Food technologists are the ones responsible for research, quality control and development of products and beverages of the company. Also, it is their job to ensure that the quality standard and safety of food from the first level of production up to the processing and storage is met. Food Technologist CV Example Miriam Beatrix L. […]

Restaurant Supervisor CV Example

A Restaurant Supervisor is the one that ensures that their customer gets the highest level of satisfaction. A part of their job is that they have to meet the restaurant’s quality and service standards. Also, they are required to supervise and manage the waiting staff as well as the recruitment job. As a restaurant supervisor […]

Private Bartender CV Example

All bartenders work in a couple of settings, such as sports bars, chain restaurants and hotel and resort restaurants. A bartender consists of various responsibilities of duties. Over the years, people thought that all it ever does is serving wine, mixed drinks and beer; however there is more to learn about the job. Bartenders can also […]

Chauffeur CV Example

Hotels, car rental firms, large companies, cruise terminals and airports are known to maintain a fleet of road vehicles ranging from sedans, vans to stretch limousines. Chauffeurs are tasked to drive and operate these vehicles often for individuals, corporate executives, royalties, celebrities, diplomats and government officials. They can also be employed as private chauffeurs for […]

Tour Guide and Escorts CV Example

The travel industry in any country thrives because its tour guides do a really good job of promoting and exciting the imagination of both local and foreign tourists.  Tour guides and escorts are generally trained to speak the language of the tourists they are handling.  This makes sightseeing tours and visiting places of interest, such […]