Category: Government CV’s

Government CV Examples

Government CVs are generally documents that are provided when an individual applies particularly for a government job in some firm or profit-making organization run by the government or even schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, financial sectors and banks, power control firms, audit centres or any other public service department under its banner. The jobs do sound […]

Urban Planner CV Example

Urban planning is an essential area in public governance which, by properly designating lands for a variety of construction projects, helps city and municipal governments to strike a balance between social, economic and environmental issues Urban planners often work in the city engineers office to help develop long and short term plans for the growth […]

Motor Vehicle Inspector CV Example

The motor vehicle inspector provides bureaucratic efficiencies to the government’s initiatives for road vehicles to comply with mandated federal and state road-worthiness regulations, emission standards, fuel efficiency and safety standards.  This is often conducted to ensure that all vehicles imported to the country or locally produced comply with these standards. Private companies with a fleet […]

Operational Meteorologist CV Example

Weather forecasting relies a lot on the expertise of operational meteorologist as they provide an invaluable service to society.  Many of the day’s schedules can easily be altered by weather forecasts so that any weather forecasting agency must employ on the most competent meteorologist, often with masteral or doctorate degrees with years of forecasting experience […]

Criminal Investigator and Special Agents CV Example

The criminal investigator or agent is tasked to establish the real circumstances in the occurrence of crime result to homicide, murder or accidental death. This is done to ensure that justice is done to the victim and bring closure to the case in accordance with local laws.  Integral to the work is gathering material evidence […]

Municipal Firefighting Chief or Supervisor CV Example

A municipal firefighter supervisor leads a team of firefighters tasked not just to control and subdue fires within their jurisdiction, but also in surrounding suburbs and metropolis in the event of a large conflagration.  They are also deployed to control forest fires and in rescue and recovery operations during natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding […]

Forensic Science Technician CV Example

The use of scientific technologies to solve a crime is forensic science and is a multi-disciplinary initiative involving physics, chemistry, microbiology, zoology, chromatography, biometrics, medicine and ballistics, to mention some.  A forensic technician assigned in a criminal investigation unit is responsible for operating and maintaining and technical equipment used in the relevant labs. Forensic Science […]

Coroner CV Example

Determining the cause of death is a forensic medical science and is done by the coroner whose job originated in England and who is also called as a medical examiner in other countries. It is in the authority of the coroner to ascertain the cause of death for persons within his jurisdiction as a verdict […]