Category: Finance CV’s

Fundraising CV Example

Fundraisers are individuals who are employed by non profitable or charity organisation for the purpose of raising money for a charitable cause. This kind of work requires extremely good communication skills and only people with the right spirit and unselfish attitude can be successful at it. Fundraising CV is a resume or curriculum vitae of […]

Tax Inspector CV Example

A tax inspector works with the revenue and customs to ensure the fact that all the individuals of a particular state pay taxes on time and in full form. Any tax inspector is responsible for detecting the tax evasion and is the cases with irregularity, they represent the organisation at appeal tribunals. A tax inspector […]

Financial Analyst CV Example

A financial analyst is a professional who works for a company to analyse the financial data and forecast future scenario using the current economic conditions. He/she helps the company in investment decisions and they also evaluate the relative qualities of securities for the given industry. A financial analyst CV is a curriculum vitae used by […]

Financial Accountant CV Example

A financial accountant is an employee of a company who is required to provide financial advisory services to the organisation and helping them take financial decisions. He/she is responsible for the analysis of economic conditions and stability of corporations and may also be responsible for preparing reports. Financial accountant CV is a resume of a […]

Financial Manager CV Example

A financial manager is an employee of a company or organisation who is responsible for providing financial advice and proper financial directions to clients and fellow colleagues. These individuals are important to a company as they help in taking sound business decisions and also manager portfolios. A financial manager CV is a resume of a […]

Finance CV Examples

How to create a Finance CV A Finance CV is applicable for job in the financial field. The contact information, followed by the career objective showing the motive and expectations should be included in the CV. The objectives should be clear and precise. Apart from that, experiences starting from the first to the current (if […]

Financial Controller CV Example

A financial controller is an employee of a company who works for the accounts department and under the finance director. A finance controller looks after the financial strategy making process, analysis of the accountancy books, cash flow, producing accounts etc. A financial controller CV is curriculum vitae of a person who wishes to apply for […]

Credit Controller CV Example

A credit controller is an employee of a company or a financial institute who is responsible for handling, managing and looking after the money which is owed to the company. He/she checks the credit ratings of the company and decides whether the company should be offered credit or not. This happens when the credit controller […]

Credit Analyst CV Example

A credit analyst is a professional whose job is to review, analyse and study a person’s/applicant’s request for lines of credit or loans etc. These individuals make qualitative and quantitative analysis of collateral values, credit risk and prepare relevant documents. They are hired by banks or other financial institutions. A credit analyst CV is a […]

Collections Officer CV Example

A collections officer is an employee of a company who is responsible for handling all the loss mitigation and recovery duties and activities which are related to the charged-off accounts. He/she performs these tasks in accordance with the bank and legal guidelines. A collections officer CV is a detailed document which gives the information about […]