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Test Engineer CV Example

A test engineer is a person who performs quality assurance test on equipments, products, goods and services. Test engineers can be employed in a number of industries and to apply for a position in any, on needs to create a test engineer CV. A test engineer CV is a detailed description of the applicant’s qualifications, […]

Manufacturing Engineer CV Example

A manufacturing engineer is an engineer whose job is to plan, design, create and set up manufacturing processes. Manufacturing engineers are generally required in manufacturing industries such as food, drink, oil and plastics etc. A manufacturing engineer needs to be analytical in thinking and must have a creative mind. In order to be employed as […]

Mechanical Design Engineer CV Example

A mechanical design engineer or a mechanical engineer is an individual who possess a mechanical engineering degree and needs to design mechanical equipments and machines for companies. There are many duties and responsibilities of a mechanical design engineer and to get hired at this position, one needs to come up with a well framed CV […]

Desktop Support Engineer CV Example

A desktop support engineer is an individual working at a company who is responsible for troubleshooting computer or network related issues and problems. He/she is the employee who troubleshoots technical problems and analyses network issues to report faults and irregularities. A person who wish to be appointed at the position of a desktop support engineer […]

Cisco Network Engineer CV Example

A Cisco network engineer is an engineer who provides network design services which are based on Cisco and is also required to improve the productivity, design, installation and configuration of Cisco networks.  A person who wishes to get a job as a Cisco network engineer at a company has to first frame a resume or […]

Java Software Engineer CV Example

A Java software engineer is an engineer who is trained and educated in computer softwares and has specialised knowledge of the Java software. Java software engineers are generally hired by IT companies or software centric firms who need individuals with specialised Java related knowledge for creating softwares which suit the need of client. In order […]

Engineer CV Examples

Engineer CV’s are basically documents that portray technical expertise of a candidate and state various possessed criteria that make him/ her eligible for applying for a particular job in some company, related to the specific field of engineering. This area of education has numerous sub-sections but an engineer CV follows a general trend of writing […]

HVAC Engineer CV Example

The responsibilities of an HVAC Engineer are designing, manufacturing and testing of ventilation and air conditioning systems. One must be able to provide systems that are designed to perfectly fit specifications of new or old buildings, and should have the right amount of knowledge in proper testing of HVAC equipments and instruments. Must also be […]

Quantity Surveyor CV Example

The responsibilities of a quantity surveyor revolve around establishing the cost of installation, creating out with a planned quotation, and more importantly to create contracts. These contracts are for different projects of the company, wherein a quantity surveyor must clearly state all the terms and conditions as well as studying thoroughly the contracts being offered […]

Sanitary Engineer CV Example

A sanitary engineer directs and designs operation and construction of different hygienic projects like sewage, waterworks, and trash and garbage disposal plants, drainage systems, as well as rodent and insect control projects. One is also responsible in planning the development of various watersheds and building of direct aqueducts and storage and distribution sanitary systems for […]