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Education CV Examples

How to create an Education CV Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. Educationist is the person who […]

High School Business Teacher CV Example

A High School business teacher instructs students in the Business at a secondary school level that in turn leads some students to pursue a business degree or improves the student’s career and business skills. They teach the business curriculum such as basic economics, business careers, resume writing, checking accounts, typing and computer literacy skills. Working […]

Social Studies Teacher CV Example

The term “social studies” refers to the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities. These areas of study are central to a student’s civic intelligence. At middle school to high school levels, social studies are usually segregated to different disciplines. Social studies are divided into history, sociology, political science, and geography. In some high […]

Computer Teacher CV Example

A computer teacher is primarily categorized as a vocational instructor. They are responsible for the teaching and training of computer related concepts. Most of the classes that are taught by computer teachers are done inside a computer laboratory or at any setting where students can practice and learn the basic use and purposes of computers […]

Special Education Instructor CV Example

Special Education Instructors take the responsibility of educating children in grades, preschool to 12th grade that are diagnosed with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. These Special Education Instructors or Sped teachers work with legally required paperwork. They also get in touch with the sped student’s parents or guardians and school staff regarding the type of […]

Computer Engineering Instructor CV Example

Computer Instructors are responsible for training students on the correct and effective use of various computer systems or programs that are used for personal and business use. This career will require you to have excellent communication skills as well as computer engineering skills. Computer Engineering CV Example Belinda W. Miller Harper Road London Email: Phone: […]

Physical Education (P.E) Teacher CV Example

Physical Education or P.E teachers instruct school-age students on having healthy living, exercise, and physical fitness. They supervise and organize athletic activities during class for the students to engage themselves into. They instruct students on proper exercise, routines and techniques. Physical Education (P.E) Teacher CV Example   Peter M. Clone 210 Euston Rd. London- NW1 […]

Science Teacher CV Example

Science teachers are the ones responsible for providing an atmosphere for learning, where students will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for physical, psychological and intellectual growth. They are the ones responsible for creating, organizing and developing as well as implementing it in an instructional program in the field of Science. They must make […]

Educational Psychologist CV Example

An educational psychologist is concerned in helping young people, children or students that are encountering problems in their educational setting with the desire of enhancing their learning. Challenges may include emotional or social problems or worst, learning difficulties. An educational Psychologist’s job is to work with individual clients or groups in advising teachers, parents, social […]

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Teacher for French and Spanish CV Example

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher for French and Spanish should have all the qualities of being a teacher. A French and Spanish teacher must be patient and should have unique methods in which they can inculcate the subject’s content to their students effectively. Of course, a modern foreign language teacher for French and Spanish should know […]