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Research Director CV Example

A research director is a high level position by working on which one becomes responsible for heading or leading a research project or all the research tasks of a company, organization or institute. To become a research director, a person has to come out with a strong and impressive CV which is known as a […]

Business Director CV Example

A business director is the person who looks after the overall operations of the business. A person working in this position is responsible to take care of the policy making, its implementation and day to day working of the business. A business director must have good management, leadership and communication skills. He should have good […]

IT Director CV Example

Smooth functioning of internal processes of an organization relies wholly upon the roles taken up by an IT Director. Typically, the details reflected in an IT Director CV should be in compliance with the requirements of IT firms. Implementing online security policies and granting authentication are few important aspects that should be included in IT […]

Accountant Director CV Example

An accountant director is the person who is responsible to take care of the entire accounting department in an organisation. The person working at this position has to look after the accounting process and goals of the company. Recruiting employees for the accounting department is also looked after by an accountant director. In order to […]

Director CV Examples

How to create a Director CV The person applying for the post of a director should have the overall knowledge about the sub field he is applying for as a director. A director has to supervise, regulate, manage and control the team of people. A director can belong to any field; say a film director, […]

Commercial Director CV Example

Financial prospects of any organization rely a lot in the way decisions taken by a Commercial Director. The top management gives value to a Commercial Director CV that boasts of the abilities of a candidate while working under diverse work environments. Looking at most of the Commercial Director CVs, recruiters will be able to select […]

Non Executive Director CV Example

Non executive director, who is also known as the outside director is a member of the team of board of directors who looks after the development and formulation of strategies. Unlinked to the firm, he/she is responsible to monitor various policies and performances of executive directors.  In order to get this position a person should […]

Creative Director CV Example

Employers give value to additional skills whenever selecting a Creative Director CV. Hence, the preparation of Creative Director CVs gain foothold from an artistic viewpoint. Detailing previous assignments and highlighting achievements as a creative director of previously worked firms have to be stressed in Creative Director CVs. Giving instances and references in a separate section […]

Operations Director CV Example

A perfect Operations Director CV is one that is legibly written. Going through the CVs, recruiters will be able to understand the essential and desirable qualifications of an Operations Director in an organization. Maximum care will be taken while selecting the incumbent after going through several Operations Director CVs representing the best interests of a […]

Sales Director CV Example

Increasing the growth of an emerging company depends a lot on the decisions taken by a Sales Director. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that a Sales Director CV is complete in all respects including experience and skills. Managing a number of sales teams simultaneously is what that should be mentioned in Sales Director CVs […]