Category: Consultant CV’s

Consultant CV Examples

A consultant CV is a document which outlines the qualifications and job capacity of a consultant. This is a professional document which is in much demand in the professional or job sector. The document must be written in conformity with established rules of resume writing. Since it is a professional document, major changes from the […]

HR Consultant CV Example

A HR consultant has a very crucial role to play in the entire recruitment process. A HR consultant is appointed by an organization to analyze the requirement of manpower apart from designing the job requirements for each job. The key responsibilities include employee analysis, employees attrition analysis, employees dissatisfaction analysis and other support functions for […]

Training Consultant CV Example

A training consultant is a person entrusted with the role of imparting training to the candidates on the desired subject. The training consultant has the key responsibility to chalk out a proper training schedule and work towards its successful implementation. The candidate should have excellent skills that can help in proper completion of the training […]

Recruitment Consultant CV Example

Recruitment consultants are individuals who work with Human Resources Department of the companies. Their primary responsibility is to match the right candidate according to the job requirement given by the company. The CV of a recruitment consultant should provide all the necessary details such as skills, qualification and earlier job profile in a chronological manner […]

Environmental Consultant CV Example

An environmental consultant is a person who has required knowledge on the issues related to the environment and advises the organization accordingly. An environmental consultant has a variety of duties to be performed such as analysis of air, water and land contamination, environmental audit and implementation of environmental management systems. The environmental consultant CV example […]

SAP Consultant CV Example

The role of a SAP consultant is very technical. The consultant has the responsibility of initiating systematic software inputs to manual data of an organization. As a SAP consultant should have a lot of experience with hands on experience in many projects, the CV has to be one which lays more emphasis on expertise and […]

Sales Consultant CV Example

A sales consultant is one who is entrusted with the task of stimulating sales along with providing good service to the clients. The duty of a sales consultant is to develop new strategies to enhance sales of the company in a consistent manner. As the role of a sales consultant is a very challenging one, […]

Technical Consultant CV Example

A technical consultant is a person who has technical skills and expertise in many programs and applications. The responsibilities of a technical consultant are that of coordination and implementation of technical projects according to the specific requirements of the company. The CV of a technical consultant must be drafted in such a manner so that […]

Travel Consultant CV Example

A travel consultant is a person who plans and organizes travel for their clients for domestic and international needs. The primary duties of the candidate working at this position include booking tickets, client management, client advisory, finalizing airline deals etc. As the role of a travel consultant demands a person to be both knowledgeable and […]

Management Consultant CV Example

A management consultant is a person who assists an organization in improving their work procedures in order to attain the overall goals of the organization. The key roles that are performed by a management consultant are development of skills of personnel in the organization, operational improvement apart from technological improvement. Thus the CV of a […]