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Construction CV Examples

How to create a Construction CV The Construction CV is applicable for people applying for construction jobs. The Construction CV requires the applicant to have a good understanding of the construction methods, industrial and commercial designing patterns in construction, etc.  The job profile includes designing, evaluating systems, and developing new and better industrial designs to […]

Building Painter CV Example

Professional building painters apply various types of paints and other finishes, such as varnishes and stains, to the exterior and interior of commercial and residential buildings. These painters not only just paint, but they also bid on jobs, plan styles and color with the building owner, and accomplish all the work required and needed before painting […]

Material Control Technician CV Example

A material control technician job functions in the career field of material management and logistics. The technician works inside the stockroom or warehouse and is also responsible for the storage and control of items coming into inventory. Material control technicians are normally placed at logistical functions, retail warehouses and distribution warehouses that store and receive items […]

Building & Grounds Technician CV Example

The duties of a building technician are to perform activities that are necessary for the maintenance of the machineries, to also assist in all the maintenance of different landscaped vicinity and areas in the physical plant. One should also assist with the watering and trimming of all trees, flower beds, shrubs, grass, etc., and must […]

Senior Site Coordinator CV Example

The essential duties for this job are to coordinate, review, monitor and recommend effective action plans from design, site acquisition, turnover and implementation, should also assist in functions/activities handled and managed by the assistant/project manager and attend all called meetings. Work along with several government clients and agencies. One must also be capable of preparing […]

Civil Supervisor CV Example

Various civil construction developments and projects such as bridges, public roads, airports and railroads have all benefit the public. The person who is in charge of all these developments and creations is no other than a civil supervisor. Scheduling and supervising civil engineers and other worker in project development and design is a huge job duty. […]

Public Relations Managers CV Example

The job is management position that is meant to create, sustain and defend the company’s reputation and image before its markets and the general public.  The public relations manager is the point person that is seen as the spokesperson for the company in make press releases regarding corporate events, product launches and other communications meant […]

LEED AP Certified Construction Manager CV Example

The position calls for having LEED accreditation which allows the person to conduct building review and rating for compliance with environment requirements as defined by the US Green Building Council which has its counterpart in the UK GBC. The task involved rating the building in accordance the nine rating systems for the design, construction, operation […]

Architect CV Example

The architect initiates construction projects which may not require a civil engineer for most simple residential structures.  Much of the construction’s success hinges on an architect’s structural and design blueprint, taking into account the materials, building codes compliance, size and sophistication to fall within the owner’s budget. Architect CV Example Francis V. Beldevere Farnsworth, Bolton, […]

Builder CV Example

A builder is a professional who takes up projects of construction buildings and construction structures and implements them. He is responsible for managing the project evaluation and in bringing it to reality. He is the lead or the main person in the project. He accesses the sites, supervises project works and manages employees and also […]