Category: Commercial Aviation CV’s

Commercial Aviation CV Examples

Commercial aviation CV’s are documents typically prepared by individuals who possess commercial aviation license, and would now be applying for some related job in this industry. This particular field of airline services basically involves the hiring of flight operations for customer use as transportation of passengers and even cargo. Considering the type of work involved […]

Airline Customer Loyalty Program Manager CV Example

Part of the sales and marketing team is the customer loyalty program manager who is focused on implementing the reward schemes designed to hold and retain customer patronage.  The job has emerged in various industries as a competitive ace but none more mature as in the airline industry.  You have frequent flyer programs that have […]

Airline Reservation & Ticketing Clerk CV Example

The job is basically a sales function that accepts and processes phone calls and walk-in customers to create a flight booking and generate an airline ticket. An airline reservation and ticketing clerk can work in an airline or the function is part of the work of a travel agent handling a number of airlines.  The […]

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor CV Example

The job calls for a direct supervision of airline ground crew assigned in its freight or cargo build-up section in the airport to secure the staging of containerized, palletized or free standing cargo and baggage to be loaded in a flight.  The job will likewise call the secured unloading of freight from the aircraft for […]

Airline Customer Relations Officer CV Example

The job is a front facing ground service work meant to ensure that dissatisfied airline passengers’ concerns are acted with dispatch and the passenger provided with compensation for any inconvenience in order to restore their patronage.  They are at the forefront of customer complaint management are often exhibit tact, diplomacy, courtesy and firmness in handling […]

Airline Flight Attendant CV Example

Being able to serve airline passengers while at cruising altitude to ensure their safety and comfort is the main task of airline flight attendants, often referred to as airline stewards and stewardesses.  They are expected to know how to serve the proper meals as prescribed for first, business and economy classes provide handcarry stowage assistance […]

Airline Flight Operations Manager CV Example

The job calls for ensuring smooth airline operations by implementing the flight schedules as determined by the marketing department.  This involves assigning the required aircraft as they become available after routine checks and slotted on flight schedules as they fall due within the day.  The work involves juggling airline fleet resources with schedules that passengers […]

Air Traffic Controller CV Example

The job calls for managing air traffic within the within the aerodome vicinity of airport as well as ensure safe movement of air traffic between designated altitude sectors according to established air traffic policies and procedures.  The air traffic controller is empowered to authorize take off and landings and basically control the movement of commercial […]

Aircraft Airframe/Structural Mechanic CV Example

The job calls for the repair and modification of aircraft structural components and sheet metal body parts in according with manufacturer bulletins.  A major part of the process is the fabrication and replacement of aircraft body parts, flight control surfaces, fuel cell and tank cleaning and restoration, pylon and windshield replacements complying with strict dimension […]

Aircraft Engine Specialist/Powerplant Mechanic CV Example

Depending on your training and rating, the job calls for the repair, testing and overhaul of aircraft engines to restore good as new operating condition helicopter engine mechanics.  The work may often require government security clearance along with the necessary licensing and rating.  It’s a teamwork initiative often entailing anywhere from 5 to 12 engine […]