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Automobile CV Examples

How to create an Automobile CV The Automobile CV is applied for jobs in the automobile industry. Automobile refers to the engines and machinery or rather vehicles companies who work in maintaining, producing and sales and purchasing of vehicles. The Automobile CV should indicate the employer about the applicant’s knowledge of the automobile The CV […]

Heavy Equipment Operator CV Example

The essential duties for a heavy equipment operator centralizes on construction projects and sites all over the country, by using large machineries drive piles, re-grade land, lay asphalt and so on. What they normally do is they operate and handle heavy duty machines such as asphalt spreaders, pile drivers, steam rollers, bucket trucks and cranes. […]

Diesel Mechanic CV Example

Candidates applying for this job should be capable of maintaining and repairing diesel engines that are being used to power up machines such as ships, automobiles, trucks, electric generators, railroad trains and constructing machineries by utilizing handtools, measuring instruments and machine tools. One should also have the ability to diagnose problems or trouble, can disassemble […]

Hydraulic Mechanic CV Example

Fluid power mechanics or as what most people refer to as hydraulic mechanics are the people responsible for repairing and operations of equipments that utilizes water and oil, air or pressurized gases as a general power system. Only little education is required for applying in this job, however one must be fully equipped with all […]

Parts Advisor/Analyst CV Example

The parts advisor/analyst should be able to interpret customer requirements, receive all orders of parts, and giving words of advice on various additional prices or requirements, match orders on stock items plus advising customer of all items that aren’t stocked or those items that needs ordering. Locate unavailable particular items from different suppliers and organize […]

Senior Machinery Specialist CV Example

Ideally must have years of relevant experience plus knowledgeable of committing and working with important assignments on design teams for several process plants FEED significant involvement and requirements in big rotating machine deliverables. One should be fully knowledgeable with rotor high speed balancing, alignment, machinery, compressor surge, rotor dynamic and parallel operations. One must also […]

Auto Electrician CV Example

The main responsibilities of an auto technician are simply maintaining, modifying, repairing and installing electrical fixtures and wirings on all sorts of vehicles. One must be highly skilled, and should be perfectly knowledgeable about automobiles and electrical systems. An auto electrician should also be capable of diagnosing problems in the major electrical systems of trucks, […]

Paint & Body Shop Supervisor CV Example

The responsibilities for this position is the assigning of duties to the workers, doing effective workflow planning, participating and inspecting in the repair of all sorts of equipment and vehicles. One should have the characteristics and skills of a supervisor by planning, scheduling and assigning repair and paint jobs of automotive vehicles to the staff. […]

Automotive Technician CV Example

The main responsibilities of an automotive technician are the following: Ensuring that any vehicle is in perfect running condition by maintaining, inspecting and repairing, also by making ways to promote high levels of customer satisfaction with unique automotive technician functions, by inspecting vehicles and detecting if there are any technical difficulties and defects that needs […]

Executive Driver CV Example

The tasks and responsibilities of an executive driver is to make sure that proper maintaining of luxury vehicles are always done, and should always have a pleasing personality and a courteous attitude towards executives and high rollers. Safety should also be the main focus as the duty of an executive driver is to safely transport […]