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Make-Up Artist CV Example

A make-up artist is a person who uses knowledge of make-up products and application procedures on clients. A make-up artist can either work on freelance basis or may be employed by a beauty salon or make up parlour. To apply for the job of a make-up artist, one needs to write a resume or CV […]

Arts CV Examples

How to create an Arts CV An art CV should include the creativity and the artistic skills of the applicant. The art jobs include a varied field of visual arts, literature, performing arts, i.e. music, dance, drama, film etc. Art is created when an artist creates a beautiful object, or produces a stimulating experience that […]

Choreographer CV Example

A choreographer is a person who directs the dance step for a song of a film, a music video, a television program or a stage show. An individual who wish to work as a choreographer should have through knowledge about various dance forms. The choreographer CV should showcase the skills sets as well as the […]

Technical Editor CV Example

A technical editor is an individual who is responsible for looking after the technical details of editing of a film or any video. The person should have excellent editing knowledge and should have idea about different software used for the purpose. The technical editor CV should reflect the editing skills and the knowledge of the […]

Video Editor CV Example

A video editor is a person who does the editing of a video film or a program by joining all the shots together in order to give a shape to the project. The job of a video editor is a very strenuous one and requires highly technical as well as creative skills. The video editor […]

Visual Artist CV Example

A visual artist is an individual who creates art forms that are visual in nature and the individuals working in this position are responsible for conceptualizing the design of any creative project in the field of media. They sometimes coordinate with the graphic designer to create the design or create the design themselves. The visual […]

Graphic Artist CV Example

A graphic artist is a person who is responsible for designing graphical pictures or creating graphic pictures or videos with the help of software used for graphic designing. A graphic designer works in print as well as electronic media. The graphic artist CV must be drafted in an impressive manner mentioning about the skill sets […]

Desktop Publisher CV Example

A desktop publisher is a person who produces various kinds of documents by working on the computer for the purpose of commercial printing. They need to have artistic ability along with multi tasking skills as they deal with various kinds of software in order to combine images, graphics and text.  A desktop publisher CV should […]

Commercial Artist CV Example

Commercial artists are individuals who design products and provide art services in exchange of a certain remuneration for media related projects, broadcasting purpose and advertising campaigns. They should possess good knowledge in the field and should be able to meet up with the requirement of the client. The commercial artist CV should highlight the various […]

Art History CV Example

An art history teacher is an individual who teaches the history of the world art in a school or in Art College. An art history CV should be drafted in such a manner so that the potential employer comes to know about the skill sets, educational qualifications as well as the experience of the candidate […]