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Advertising CV Examples

How to create an Advertising CV The Advertising CV is applicable for the jobs in the advertising field. The advertising CV requires creativity skills and communicative skills. The employers look for creativity skills in an applicant so that he/she can prepare a beautiful advertisement in the given time frame.  Apart from that the communicative skills […]

Marketing Officer CV Example

A marketing officer is responsible for services in sales management, advertising, public relations, promotions, communications, distribution, product development, pricing, customer service and market research. Holds a very critical role in the company, and along a diverse amount of specialized responsibilities, a marketing officer should also supervise subordinates at all times. Besides the areas within the […]

Advertising & Promotion Assistant CV Example

The responsibilities for this job are to execute and develop promotional and advertising programs for all the products of the company. To prepare and organize advertising and promotional tools and materials by working and cooperating with customers, sales departments, company officials, and other advertising agencies. Is responsible for the selection of the types of media […]

Production Assistant CV Example

The basic function of a production assistant is to simply assist the production manager in his or her daily tasks. To coordinate with suppliers for events, and to meet requirements like providing printers, sounds, lights, staging and many more. To also supervise all egresses and ingresses for certain big or small events, and is also […]

Events Manager CV Example

The job of an events manager is to handle the over all organization and management of events. The coordination, contracting, and negotiation with 3rd party suppliers plus the contacts for the talents needed in a certain event are the most important key responsibilities of an events manager. To manage ingresses, set ups and egresses, and […]

Marketing/Advertising Manager CV Example

A candidate for this position should have at least 5 to 10 years of hands on experience with both realms of marketing and advertising. Managerial capacity is also a big factor before applying, must be adept in conceptualizing different marketing programs in all aspects in retail setting. Should posses’ strong and solid marketing network in […]

3D Artists CV Example

Everything about digital art is one of the most in demand industries today; it is where most people translate big imaginations through a wide screen. 3D artists are expected to be knowledgeable with everything concerning video games, digital art and so much more. Basically, a normal 3D artist should have good drawing and sketching skills, […]

Social Media Account Director CV Example

The responsibilities of a social media account director are the following: He or she must be forward looking, business minded and oriented manager as well as solution oriented. A director will also be the one responsible for facilitating the team towards beyond expectations. Must constantly motivate the staff to work better than ever, and should […]

Social Media/Networking Agent CV Example

This position is for people who can be fully responsible with tasks such as link building and the socialization of the online content of the client. Must be much familiarized with the World Wide Web, media sites, discussion boards, social networking sites, blogsites, articles, podcasts and ebooks. Must have good English skills, communication and grammar, […]

Marketing Manager CV Example

A person who applies for this job outlines the normal tasks, duties and responsibilities of the manager job. Marketing managers require some certain skills to perform the marketing management function flawlessly, regardless of what corporation they’re working for. The main duties are to establish, develop and maintain strategies for marketing purposes, as well as to […]