Category: Administration CV’s

Administration CV Examples

How to create an Administrative CV An Administration CV should be specific and should include the working skills of the applicant. Working experience is preferably an important field required in the administrative sector. The CV is to highlight the knowledge of the applicant about the field. The qualifications and the objectives of the applicant apart […]

Executive Assistant CV Example

The job of an executive assistant is to ensure smooth running of the office and also assist the executive in providing administrative support. The executive assistant CV of an individual should highlight the skills possessed by him and the traits required in order to work at this job profile. If the CV is impressive, it […]

Assistant Administrator CV Example

An assistant administrator is a person who works as an assistant to the executive who manages the business operations as well as special projects of an organization. An individual applying for the position of an assistant administrator needs to mention his profile details clearly in a manner that would attract the attention of the employer. […]

IT Administrator CV Example

An IT administrator  is an individual working in the IT department of an organization and his job role is to ensure smooth functioning of all the systems in the organization. He also has to ensure that all the work related software are working smoothly and if required, supervise the development of software. The IT administrator […]

HR Administrator CV Example

An HR administrator is an individual who works in the human resource department of an organization and he usually heads the department and is responsible for its administration. The candidate working at this position is responsible for various different tasks like recruitment of the employees, looking after their payroll, managing the HR policies and others. […]

Business Administrator CV Example

A business administrator is an individual who overlooks the operations of a business and is also responsible for taking vital decisions in regards to the business. All the planning and the executions are supervised by the business administrator. Thus a business administrator CV of an individual must be drafted in such a manner so that […]

Academic Administrator CV Example

The CV of an individual applying for a job in the position of an academic administrator is an important tool for making him eligible for the job.  An academic administrator CV should not only showcase the skills sets and educational qualifications of the candidate but should also mention about their experience in the same or […]

Accounts Administrator CV Example

An accounts administrator is an individual who works in the accounting or the finance department of an organization. He is responsible for managing and administering all the financial matters of the organization which include bookkeeping and overseeing the activities of the accounting staff. The accounts administrator CV should be drafted in such a manner so […]

Sales Administrator CV Example

A sales administrator is an individual who works in the sales department of an organization and is responsible for managing the sales process of the organization. The individual applying for the position of a sales administrator should have experience and knowledge in the field of sales and this need to be reflected in his CV […]

Operations Administrator CV Example

An operations administrator is an individual who is in charge of managing end ensuring smooth workflow of the operations of an organization. The job of an operations administrator is a very high profile one and thus the CV of the individual applying for this position needs to be an impressive one. All his achievements and […]