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Accounting CV Examples

How to create an Accounting CV The Accounting CV should include the qualifications, working experience (if any), his personal qualities and the objectives of applying for the job. The CV should be an attractive one and should stand out from the rest. Only then, the applicant will be noticed. The objective of the person should […]

Tax Accountant CV Example

A tax accountant is a person who takes care of the tax and its accounting in an organization. The candidate is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing and filing tax returns efficiently for the company. The CV of a tax accountant should highlight skills, knowledge and experience of the candidate. Given below is a tax […]

Tax Manager CV Example

A tax manager is one who is assigned with the task of managing the tax policies of a firm effectively. The person has the responsibility to manage the tax related issues of the company. As this position demands a highly qualified person with relevant experience, even the CV has to be written in an impressive […]

Accounts Payable CV Example

A person working in the accounts payable department has a variety of accounting tasks such as maintenance and processing of payable account records and invoices. The key responsibilities include administration and review of accounts payable on a daily basis. As this job role lays more emphasis on the skills set, the same should be effectively […]

Tax Specialist CV Example

The job of a tax specialist is to make people understand the clauses involved in taxation laws. When working in a company the key responsibilities of a tax specialist include tax planning, tax compliance and budgeting annual tax etc. As this role demands a person to be highly qualified along with good experience, the CV […]

Actuarial Analyst CV Example

Actuarial Analysts work in broking firms and provide actuarial and financial modelling services. The primary role of an actuarial analyst is to address the various financial risks faced by the clients apart from undertaking underwriting work as well. As the role of an actuarial analyst is that of a complex nature more importance has to […]

Accounting Manager CV Example

An account manager is the candidate who is in charge of the accounts department in an organization. The key responsibilities of an accounts manager include implementation and development of various accounting practices at all levels in the organization. The CV of an accounts manager should highlight the key skills and the professional experience so as […]

Accounting Clerk CV Example

Accounting clerks are required to review and maintain the accounting records in an organization. The accounting clerk has the responsibility to reconcile statement of accounts, enter and maintain interest and bank balances and other invoices in a proper manner without any errors. The accounting clerk CV should be drafted in such a manner so that […]

Account Representative CV Example

An accounts representative is one who is associated with the sales department. The accounts representative is responsible for all the direct account sales apart from taking care of the customer service. He or She has the task of resolving the queries of the customers after sales and offer general assistance to them. The candidates who […]

Accounts Payable Clerk CV Example

An accounts payable clerk needs to have complete knowledge of financial and administrative activities in an organization. The clerk has to entail activities such as preparation of financial reports like income and expenditure statement, tax sheets etc. As the role of an accounts payable clerk involves a key responsibility in the organization the CV should […]