3D Artists CV Example

Everything about digital art is one of the most in demand industries today; it is where most people translate big imaginations through a wide screen. 3D artists are expected to be knowledgeable with everything concerning video games, digital art and so much more. Basically, a normal 3D artist should have good drawing and sketching skills, and more importantly must be computer literate and knows how to perfectly navigate the realm of animation, effects, video and audio.

3D Artist CV Example:

Luke P. Bern

65B South Kensington

London, United Kingdom

E-mail: lukelukebern@yahoo.co.uk

Phone: 599-90-7333

Career Objectives:

To be able to fully use all my skills in computer animation and graphic designs, to spread my knowledge for this company and video games enthusiast alike. I’m very open minded with whatever this company would require me to do, and I have a strong spirit that any team would need, as well as to be responsible at all times and always seek a taste of challenge.

Professional Qualification:

2007-2011: Multimedia Artist, Big Bang Creations Co.

  • Designed units, models, and layouts for video games
  • Trained interns for digital art courses
  • Provided layout and graphics for marketing campaigns

2004-2006: Jr. Graphic Artist, Imagineration Inc.

  • Designed simple layouts, graphics and audio/video
  • Created video presentations for clients and board of directors

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: B.A. Fine Arts, John Ryland’s University

2000-1996: Secondary Education, Corpus Christi College


Computer games


Collecting action figures


Dir. John Swiss

Big Bang Creations Co.



Maya Porch

Imagineration Inc.



Rachel Sullivan

Corpus Christi College



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